For a social, green and open Rijswijk

GroenLinks aspires to a new way of governance. We want to put long term, communal wellbeing ahead of short term profit. We combine green and sustainable objectives with social ones and we do so with optimism and idealism while still keeping in mind the feasibility of our plans. We have great ambitions for Rijswijk and with your vote we hope to be able to realize those ambitions. Together with you, we wish to use the next 4 years to build on a better future for Rijswijk!

A Green Rijswijk

GroenLinks strives for a climate neutral and green city. A city in which we, our children, and our grandchildren can live happily and in good health.

Together we can achieve:

- A climate neutral Rijswijk in 2030

This entails making use of solar- and wind energy as much as possible, stimulating energy neutral and sustainable building and rebuilding, and the founding of sustainable local cooperation’s. We want to improve the air quality in Rijswijk by prioritizing clean methods of transportation: pedestrians, cyclists, and (preferably electric) public transport. Finding alternatives to using a car on short trips is our goal. We want to stimulate biking by creating 'green waves' on bike lanes (where you can catch every traffic light on green when biking at a regular speed) and create more biking 'highways'.

- A healthy and liveable environment with many green areas and neighborhoods

We wish to start a 'green fund' in order to properly maintain and expand a green living environment. Through this fund, we ensure that new trees and plants can be planted in cases where old or ill trees are being felled or green areas are lost due to other reasons. We wish to invest more in parks such as "Hofrust" and "Cromvliet" and make greener public squares such as those in de Bogaard.

- The wellbeing of animals and an increase of the biodiversity

We aim to create a healthy living environment for pets and protection of animals that live in the wild- e.g. bees, birds and butterflies. We will keep the interests of all wild animals in mind when working on construction, managing public green areas and when installing new roads.

A Social Rijswijk

GroenLinks aims to create a city in which we share things fairly. In our municipality, everybody gets equal opportunities to obtain a good job, a decent income, and affordable housing. We make sure everybody can get access to compassionate health care and good education.

Together we can achieve:

-A just city that provides needs based support

We are going to combat poverty and inequality through the participation of the citizens of Rijswijk. This can be done by (volunteer) work, school, giving (unofficial) care or with guidance from care or welfare institutions. We can stop loneliness amongst (elderly) people by investing in neighborhood networks.

We make sure there will be enough sustainable and affordable social rental housing and ensure there is enough availability of rental- or private ownership houses in the price range of starters and people with a middle income.

- The strengthening of prevention and innovation of the social areas

By focussing on education, children’s rights and youth participation, we invest in a 'good start' for the development of young children. When help or support is needed, the needs and wishes of the client should be the focal point and healthcare institutions should work together efficiently.

An Open Rijswijk

GroenLinks aspires to everybody's freedom. In an open and empathic society, everybody has the chance to be themselves and express their opinions. Many people with diverse background, convictions and preferences can live amicably together. If we want to continue to grow and prosper as a community, we should not be afraid to consider each other's points of view and continue our (positive) discourse.

Together we can achieve:

- A Rijswijk for all its residents

We give sufficient room to initiatives of professionals and organizations that help to make Rijswijk a fairer, more beautiful and a cleaner city. We continue our support for bureau "Stadskracht" (city strength)

-A hospitable and tolerant city

We are categorically against racism and discrimination. We continue facilitating housing for statusholders and keep investing in more integration and Dutch language courses.

- Culture as an enrichment to daily life in Rijswijk

We give extra space to art and creativity. We will invest in libraries, cultural education in schools and stimulate open podia and other cultural (neighborhood) activities. Our objective is to make cultural activities obtainable for all inhabitants of Rijswijk.

-Public safety

When (re)designing our neighborhoods and parks, public safety should serve as a starting point. In cooperation with the police, the municipality should work on keeping all neighborhoods safe and intervene when and where necessary.